Ltt - lightthermotherapy © tradition and short history

The light thermo therapy is component of the sun light(Helio) therapy.
Sunlight-treatment was known already before the ancient times.
Transmission from old prehistoric time in the 20th century:

  • The various sun light (Helio) therapy belongs to the oldest medicine-teachings.
  • She has probably its origin already in the earliest human-history. The people of all cultures have used the versatile action of the light-warmth by illnesses and troubles at all times.
  • The sunlight heat comes from prehistoric time and has developed itself through many centuries to the present form.
The people of all cultures have used the various effects of the light-warmth by illnesses and troubles at all times. Heat as well as light-heat through photons probably helps healing.

Ltt - light thermo therapy ©short historic retrospective view

19. Octobers 1898 Dr. Willibald Gebhardt in Berlin;-in imperial patent-office a
patent-writing. - to the appliance to the ambulance treatment with electric light - receipt.
1917 Einstein; relativ theory.
1922 Alexander G. Gurwitsch (USSR); has been able to prove an emission of very weak radiations .
1974 Dr. Apul; first practical UV-Light therapy with the newborn blood groups incompatibility conditional hyperbilirubinemy. Theoretical development of light-therapy knowledge. Until 1980 during Specialist Master for gynecology and obstetrics, UV-Light-effect was introduced into serum and hemoglobin with the UV light-lamp.
1980 professors Popp in Germany; "biology of the light ".Base of the lower weak cells radiation >biophotons <and their effect-principle was developed. Introduction the laser-therapy. A. A. Prohonchkow (USSR) ;reduced one photo dynamic effect, that activates the cell- nucleus and therefore the system DNA-RNA protein.
1981 Professor Warnke (Saarbrücken); found that light-radiation with 900 Nanometers promotes the ATP- sinthese, while glucose-consumption increases.

1996 first empirical attempts in own practice, with the prototypes >Light thermo therapy < Instrument, by the patients with depression of middle difficulty. Light-effects were proved to be more as heat-application. For seasonal dependent depression patients (SDD) "light = photon-effect " played a central role.

Not sufficient Light, Ltt- therapy and management-goals

Not only some people have lack light.

A lack of light comes always into question

  • The thesis is astonishing: many people are taking by it first all in the cold winter- days.
  • Young and old, people working in closed area ,
  • Inhabitants of elderly-homes,
  • nascent and nursing mothers and
  • vegetarian; the data from controlled studies remains unconsidered , for example by respiratory infections.
  • The diabetics alone, that gain particularly illness-conditional susceptibility infections,
  • just as ravenous hungry phase of regular light thermo therapy, make these statements to seem questionable.
  • It is apparently also overlooked, that a lack of light is only evident by the routines analytic procedures,
  • what is connected with the low photons content in blood, serum and hemoglobin and the fast redistribution of new lifted photons
  • from these layers (compartment).

Ltt - therapy and management-goals

  • Health-improvement
  • Decreasing of the burden of patients
  • Improvement of the health-status - good Compliance
  • good compatibility and effectiveness of the medication
  • Prevention and change of symptoms
  • Prevention and change of pains
  • Prevention and influence of new complications
  • Reduction the illness-progression
  • Reduction the mortality


  • Light- thermo- therapy instrument is simple to manage
  • Acoustic, optical and thermal signals
  • to it :it is necessarily to consider physiotherapy, sport ,jogging and diet

Contra -indications (of light- thermo therapy)

  • At anaesthetized areas, areas with spoiled temperature feeling or paraesthesy, no heat-applications should take place.
  • As well the patients with whom no sufficient communication is possible, should be excluded, because of the only subjectively possible dose-adaptation: for example infants, attention with small children and old patients.
  • Heat increases the circulation, the bleeding- inclination can also be increased.
  • Therefore, one should also not apply light- thermo- therapy by patients with bleeding-inclination.
  • Especially sensitive for a local increase of the body- temperature and with it an aggravation of the symptom, are the patients with for example multiple sclerosis.
  • By vicious tumors therapy should be also applied with caution .
  • Gonads, embryo or that itself developing fetus also demand caution.
  • Contra -indication also by sun (light) allergy (L56.4), (Polymorph) lichtdermatose, Hydroa, no light thermo therapy should be applied by aestivalia vaccininformia .

Light thermo therapy © of Tender Points

The muscle-facial tender-points (TP) lie in skeleton muscles, mostly near the point where a muscle begins. Besides different massage-technologies and injection-treatments, the light-thermo-therapy plays as mono-therapy and as combination-partner

  • from extension in the treatment of muscle-facial tender points a deciding role.
  • The analgesic effectiveness is guaranteed by extensive controlled experience.
  • Acute or recently activated tender points and the symptoms caused by them can be soothed by local application of light-thermo-therapy with following passive extension.
  • First of all Ltt instrument of wavelength range seems to relax the under-musculature ,
  • and to decrease the pressure and tension on the tender points.
By tender points through repeated light-thermo-therapy
  • no sufficient treatment-success is reached; or such a treatment is not possible
  • because of strong movements limit,
  • a tender point injection can be meaningful and necessary .
  • The pains, caused by injection can also be relived through light-thermo-therapy; after the reflection is moderated.
  • By long chronification the effectiveness of the tender point- treatment-technologies is clearly decreased.

Ltt - light-thermo-therapy ® and the skin

what lies near, than our skin for the physiological heat- processes to the prevention of illnesses,

  • to use to the support or restoration of health, once the skin is measurably colder than the inner body-parts.
  • It is taken too little notice of, but with its 1,5 - 2 m2 of size and a weight of 3 - 5 kg. It is our biggest organ.
  • As a border of the body to the outside world, it is sense, storage, and excretory-organ.
  • We speak of our second kidney.
  • Care about the skin from inside and from outside through the nutrition,
  • Thanks to it by movements and heat we feeling us good
  • a good look and diverse metabolism-performances are made by 10 million perspiration-glands, that serve like small pumps.
The Ltt - light-thermo-therapy:
  • A causal interdependence between the achieved and frequently very well examined
  • physiological effects (for example blood circulation) and
  • the aspired or observed ones.
  • That in each case arriviable maximum effectiveness is often reached only after differently long treatment-duration.
  • It is however not always definitely clarified,
  • What role pay light wavelength fields deep in the skin.
  • The different body-relationships can be exploited for the reflexive application of superficial light thermo therapy. ( for example cutis - visceral - somatic etc)

Which dosage, and which side-effects? Lichtthermotherapie-Ltt © instrument actually seniors certainly from the pain can free,

The Rheumatoide Arthrose (= Osteoarthritis),

  • Cervikobrachialgy, ishamy or
  • the muskuloskeletealen pains are typical pain- syndromes,
  • neuropathies, of the high age.
A good therapy is not only the wish of the patients but a true challenge for the doctor. The pain-treatment has a big meaning not only for the life-quality of the people who need it but also for the political economy.
  • The pain-treatment has a big meaning not only for the life-quality of the people who need it but also for the political economy.
The methods of the pain- therapy are numerous.
  • How treat I -at the right place -at the right time -with which method.
  • Our therapy can never turn into a monotonous routine.
  • In principle, older people can receive each analgesic.
  • But first of all the reducing performance of the kidney and liver is to be considered.
  • By the light thermo therapy - Ltt - Dr. Apul © full dose (double - dosimetry) Liver- functions restrictions can be applied.
  • There is no danger or an effect- extension.
  • Light thermo therapy measures can be causal analgesic and also symptomatic effective.
  • Light thermo therapy instrument takes the pains, loosens muscle - spasms, ?without addiction and sedierung.
  • Therefore, treatment of spasms and tensions of the cross-striped musculature by degenerative changes of the movement-apparatus,
  • rheumatic illnesses and also neuropathy pains can be effectively treated.


Light thermo therapy © instrument actually Arthros and rheumatoid arthritis of the pain can free?

The Rheumatoid arthritis, synonym chronic Polyarthritis, a chronic inflammable system-illness, that involves the joints mainly is.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, Arthros Zervikobrachialgie, or the muskuloskeletealen pains typical pain-syndromes,
  • Neuropathien, the higher age. In principle, older people can receive each analgesic.

The therapy of the Rheumatoid arthritis with Basis therapeutic belongs to the standard therapy procedures

  • a mail infectious more degenerative arthritis as well as a Deformitet prevents.
  • Is necessary combinations of different therapeutic measures in order to reach a satisfactory hardship-freedom with the concerned like for example medication eyelet and physical therapy in general,
  • belong the Ltt - Licht thermo therapie. Considering are above all the reducing performance of the kidney and liver.
  • Light thermo therapy © full dose (Dosimetrie) Liver functions bounded can be put in.
  • Survive no danger or an effect-extension.

Application of Dr. Apul - Ltt- light thermo therapy ® in the pain-therapy

Dr. Apul Light Thermo therapy instruments with visible light-radiation -vlr- as modern technologies are very new in medical applications.

  • Life is not possible without visible light- radiation.
  • Normally also curative healing effect is reached through its application.
  • They are suitable as mono-therapies and first of all in combinations with other treatment-measures to the symptomatic pain-relief.
Various light-therapy instruments with
  • visible light-radiation - vLr - as modern technologies are
  • very new in medical applications, normally also curative healing effect is reached through its application.
  • They are suitable as mono-therapies and first of all in combinations with other treatment- measures to the symptomatic pain-relief.
  • The controlled tests of their clinical effectiveness and application-areas began only in the last decades.
The applications from the (Helios) = sunbathe- therapy, heat, as light-therapy belong to the oldest pain-treatments.

A modern time treatment: Which role does the light-thermo-therapy ©® play with the Arthrose handling?

The Arthrose (synonym= Osteoarthritis), also as degenerative Gelenkes illness individual or a faulty-function of the diarthrodiales joint means several joints, that mark through a Knorpel destruction. ----With the idiopatischen (primary) Arthrose, the most frequent form of this illness. - - The secondary Arthrose is pathological- morphological to distinguish not from the idiopatischen Arthrose. It is based on an underlying cause however:

  • Adipositas,
  • prearthrotic Deformation,
  • Metabolic illness,
  • Overload, inflammations,
  • Oldness or immobilization.

Medication-eyelet Therapie Bis to the present-day day has the therapy of the Arthrose palliative character. With the medication-eyelets therapy of the Arthrose comes different substances to the use: NSAR Analgetic, vitamin E, Corticoid

Physical therapy:

  • Daily movement and gymnastics to the conservation and improvement of the joint-mobility
  • Silence-periods during the day lead to the subjective improvements.
  • The light-thermo-therapy, heat, massages and physiotherapy to the elimination muscular Verspannungen
  • Application of unburdening aids like insoles, knee joint supports, Walking stick etc

Surgical therapy
A Gelenkesersatzsoperation (endoprothetische care) should be possible only for those patients with advanced Arthrose with considerable pains and malfunctions of concerned joint. Main-indications are

How can we perceive the smell?

Aroma therapy is in fashion at the present moment, and one of the many claimed indications is stress.

  • By the smell the people recognized, what is edible or not edible.
  • When odor-molecules are inhaled and meet rich-mucous membrane at the one region of the over nose-mussels, originates contact to the smells.
  • The human being can distinguish 1000 different smells, that can be roughly divided into seven groups,
  • the so-called odor-codes quality-classes:
  • flowery, ethereal, mochus and camphor, foul, mint, standing.
  • For seven primary odor-classes their natural sources can be divided, there is no neuro- physiological basis for this division .
  • In a test Aroma- therapy had no effect on intentionally generated stress.
The lavender-oil contains one spectrum of more than 100 content-materials and is a wide-range oil with a hole row of application- possibilities.
  • The odor is herbal- fresh-aromatic;
  • it works balancing:
  • by tiredness you can refresh yourself with a few drops of lavender,
  • by stress and fatigue relaxing.
  • The rose-oils strongly harmonizes, calms, stimulates.
  • The rose-odor relaxes, reduces stress and strengthens also the perception; it is an ideal aphrodisiac.
  • Light thermo therapy instruments ©® optional, with the lavender- oil and rose-potpourri offers a complementary aroma- therapy for the body and soul.


The fashionable treatment - Light thermo therapy ® with visible light-radiation (VLR) without ultraviolet

The visible rays of light (=RL) show themselves through

  • Inkohärenz and polychromatic .
  • it is based on the effectiveness of the sun, and it is influenced through its distance to the earth 150 * 106 km.
  • It means that intensity and effectiveness of the sunbathe-radiation is modeled with the Ltt instrument artificially.
  • Our earth receives 2,5 billionth as share of the suns radiation-energy.
  • These rays are used and stored by material and living creatures of all sort as main source of energy.
  • So immune -modulate effect in hemoglobin with absorbed light- energy with concentrated photon can be responsible for the stimulation.
With the Ltt-Light thermo therapy ® pains by shoulder - arm syndrome, lumboischialgy are reduced.
  • Probably the diverse and successful application of light thermo therapy instrument lies on another level, that can be optionally applied.
  • It is wide-spread, but its the clinical results are not yet quite undisputed,
  • the fight of the seasonal dependent depression (SDD) with spectrum- lamps with defined luxury index.
  • In addition there are studies in the acne- therapy.
  • By those one tries to treat the visible area through yellow-green radiation.

The better and mild alternative is often Dr. Apul Ltt light-thermo-therapy. CIVILISATION-illness depression, fear, insomnia.

The Ltt therapy is a painless procedure in particular by

  • seasonal dependent depression (SDD), depression alternative therapy.
  • Also it is a good alternative by muscle-skeleton ache-condition besides the medicament treatment.
Today day-doses from two to six hole applications are regarded as effective for the depression-treatments.
  • By the long-time-therapy (LTT) the skin in some areas is radiated 3 - 15 minutes long with visible focused light.
  • That would lead in short time to a strong light-absorption.
  • The light penetrates more deep into the skin to decrease the time of a therapy.
  • An electronic-timer, distance-holders as ( dosimetry),prevents unbearable heating in the upper skin-layers.
  • Later short-time-therapy (STT) can also be used as conservation-dose with daily intervals from1 to 2 times.
  • It is typical that as a rule the effectiveness of the appliance by the advised doses lies considerably over these margins.

Fatigue syndrome:
The Palliative, and mild alternative with the exhaustion-syndrome, are often light thermo therapy ®

Chronic Fatigue syndrome decreases the life quality of the effected person.

  • The Chronic Fatigue syndrome, that is associated with cancer, burdens the effected person more than pain or depression.
  • For the multiplicity of the cases in the practice the light thermo therapy is the mildest and with minimum side- effect method, that gives energy.
  • Its effectiveness in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue syndrome is guaranteed.
  • A rational light-thermo- therapy should be sufficiently measured and applied in a right way.
  • If the exhaustion remains not treated then it can have heavy consequences : recedive episodes or development in a chronic depression.
  • As effective for the Chronic Fatigue syndrome and depression- treatments today are considered daily doses from two to six times of long time therapy (LTT) full application .
  • By LTT the skin is radiated partially 3 - 15 minutes long with visible focused light. That would turn in shorter time into a strong light- absorption

Winter sleepy mood: When does light-thermo-therapy © instrument and aroma-therapy help against the depression? Visible light-therapy (=VLT) without ultraviolet easily done (interval light-exposition)

The light-therapy with the light-thermo-therapy Not Sun but Nature are very similar.

  • The light of the sun covers the entire spectrum, from the high frequency-radiation long waves until
  • to the x-radiation and
  • cosmic ultra-radiation at the short waves.
The lack of natural sunlight causes " winter-depression ".For example, Middle and Northern Europe suffer from seasonal dependent depression (SDD).
  • For biological aims the three wavelength-areas- ultraviolet, visible and infrared -play the most important role. In each case, it comes for the effect on the light-intensity in the yellow -green field.
  • The light-therapy with the light-thermo-therapy instruments is applied by seasonal dependent depression (SDD) or
  • not seasonal dependent depression (nSDD).
  • Light-thermo-therapy instruments ©® optional that offers a complementary aroma-therapy with the lavender-oil and rose-potpourri for body and soul

By weather-sensitiveness Ltt light-thermo-therapy is painless and mild alternative

Especially older people complain about joint-pains, feeling themselves not well, exhaustion if a high and low air- pressure alternate. But also many young people complain about headaches or insomnias, are tired and exhausted, if the weather changes. Weather-sensitiveness is not an imagination, but a fact . The suffering people now find effective help- as the first light-thermo-therapy-instrument from Bremen is newly introduced in the market.
Many people are weather-sensitive, older more than younger, , women more frequent than men. Before a thunderstorm or storm, they receive head - and joint-pains, feel themselves not concentrated. The symptoms are for many people so, that they sometimes must not work.
Some of the causes for the weather-sensitiveness doctors and meteorologists try meanwhile to clarify. Atmospheric pressure presses on everyone of us. At an area, that is low enough atmospheric pressure decreases. A thunderstorm near changes the electric freight of the air, short electromagnetic impulses, lightning and thunders hunt with speed of light . The vegetative nervous system of sensitive people responds to such meteorological changes.
Weather-sensitiveness is not regarded as illness in principle, but it can however hint at swelling illness-centers in the body, unsolved psychic tension or excessive stress .
The Ltt therapy is a sterile, painless procedure that offers alternative therapy-possibilities first of all by weather-sensitiveness - with the known consequences . After a detailed, general medical with the help of so-called complaint-picture the weather-sensitiveness will be checked and a good medical treatment will be introduced. Medical and alternative light-thermo-therapy-treatment was combined. Also by headaches, it can be a good alternative beside the medicament treatment first of all by muscle-hardness in the HWS area . As effective for the weather-sensitiveness - with the known consequences day-doses from two to six full applications per day are valid .

  • By long-time-therapy (LTT), one radiates the skin-areas 3 - 15 minutes long with visibly focused light.
  • That would lead in shorter time to a strong light-absorption.
  • In order to reach a therapy-time-decrease the light penetrates more deeply into the skin .
  • An electronic timer, distance-holders as (dosimetry) prevents unbearable heating in the upper skin-layers.
  • Later, short-time-therapy (STT) can also be used as conservation-dose with daily 1 till 2 intervals .
  • It is typical that the effectiveness of the appliance lies partially considerably over the margins of advised daily doses.

Adiposity: Light-lack, Ltt - therapy and management-goals

The thesis that there are many people involved first of all in cold winter days, is astonishing. Not only some people have light-lack.
The question of a light-lack is discussed again and again. And among others also a not balanced nutrition and widespread movement-lack. So in Germany more and more people suffer from overweight, even children and teenagers.

  • The adiposity forms an important basis for many chronic illnesses, like for example hypertension ,metabolism problems, diabetes and KHK.
  • Also stroke and heart attack stand in narrow connection with high overweight.
  • It is enough reason to make a further study of the weight factor as important examination-criterion.
Overweight adiposity was the second-most frequent worrying diagnosis - after the hypertension, but still before the diabetes:
  • Further illnesses were determined with almost each second overweight patient.
  • Among the most frequent were KHK,
  • Left-heart-hypertrophy,
  • Heart-insufficiency and the cerebral insult.
  • Also the connection between overweight, hypertension and diabetes was clear: Over the half the hypertension- and diabetes-patients had also overweight . The effective fight with the body-overweight will probably always represent one of the biggest challenges for general-doctor-practice today and in the future.
The diabetics alone, the illness-conditional susceptibility, infections,
  • just as warmth-hunger-phase of regular light-thermo-therapy make these statements questionable.
  • It is always obvious that a light-lack is hardly proved with the routines of analytic procedures,
  • what is connected with the low photon content in blood, serum and hemoglobin and the fast redistribution of new lifted photons
  • from these layers (Compartment).